44° North® Vodka


44° North ® Vodka


Commercial Video Series Production ● Campaign Branding & Logo Design ● Social Media Management ● Paid Advertising Campaign

National Brand Ambassador Campaign

44° North® Vodka came to Boost Media with a brilliant idea: to create a bold new channel of engagement between their business and their distributors, loyal consumers, and anyone who loves craft cocktails and their unique, mountain west brand.

To accomplish this, they decided they would host a nationwide search for a 44° North® Vodka Brand Ambassador to represent their brand and drive awareness – but they didn’t know how. We helped show them.

  • picture of behind the scenes video production for 44° North ® Vodka by Boost Media
  • picture of behind the scenes video production for 44° North ® Vodka by Boost Media
  • picture of behind the scenes video production for 44° North ® Vodka by Boost Media
  • picture of behind the scenes video production for 44° North ® Vodka by Boost Media

Boost Media developed a four-phase plan that included the following tasks:

  • Design unique branding for the competition. This would be used on all digital marketing, competition assets, and even merchandise given to the finalists.

  • Create an introductory video explaining the competition and encouraging entry submissions

  • Implemented a paid nationwide social media awareness and lead generation campaign to build hype around the competition and generate competition submissions

  • Organize and schedule the “Finalist Weekend” and all contestant itineraries

  • Film the 3-day competition as a multi-episode reality-style mini-series in Boise, Idaho with multiple bartending and cocktail mixology challenges at numerous locations, interviews, and a grand reveal episode

  • Edit and produce the 7-part series for a national release

  • Promote and release episodes through various digital marketing channels in a coordinated, comprehensive, and organic paid social media campaign

This campaign had many layers and moving parts requiring a special focus on logistics, creativity, and execution.

Phase 1 | Branding a Nationwide Competition Campaign

We wanted the whole campaign to have its own branding that spoke to the unique nature of the competition, but was still recognizable as the 44° North® Vodka brand. At Boost, we regularly help brands develop fresh new brand standards and identities, but within this project, we had the opportunity to build new materials within the brand’s pre-established guidelines.

Boost designed distinct branding for the Brand Ambassador competition, and also for the “Campfire Cocktails” portion of the finalist weekend. Both branding assets were to be used as marketing assets, merchandising, and for future short-form video advertising.

The logo was designed to be recognized as the 44° North ® Vodka brand, but to differentiate the Brand Ambassador competition as well. A badge design was chosen as a sign of rank and excellence – all of which would be expected of a 44° North® Vodka Finalist and Ambassador. This badge would be used in apparel, merchandise, and signage during the in-person finalist competition.

Graphic logo created for 44° North ® Vodka by Boost Media
Graphic logo created for 44° North ® Vodka by Boost Media
Graphic logo created for 44° North ® Vodka by Boost Media
Graphic logo created for 44° North ® Vodka by Boost Media
Graphic logo created for 44° North ® Vodka by Boost Media
Graphic logo created for 44° North ® Vodka by Boost Media

Phase 2 | Campaign Creative and Digital Advertising

The search for the Brand Ambassador hinged on reaching skilled bartenders across the nation and encouraging them to submit a short video to enter. To accomplish this, we created a nationwide omni-channel digital advertising strategy utilizing eye-catching images and video on digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to reach our target demographic – mixologists and bartenders.

The messaging of the campaign was tailored to suit the 44° North® Vodka brand. We were looking for a down-to-earth, community-focused ambassador to represent a home-grown, community-focused vodka.

Video Production

A professional, well-edited video was needed to introduce potential entrants to the 44° North® Vodka brand, explain the entry process, and entice this very specific bartending audience to submit a video to work with 44° North® Vodka. The project scope included:

  • Finding bartending talent to perform flair

  • Scripting narration for the 44° North® Vodka owner, Ken Wyatt

  • All storyboarding, planning, and scheduling of multiple days of commercial shoots, including managing talent and multiple locations

  • Post-production editing, audio, and color correction

Digital Advertising Campaign

A challenge of this campaign was reaching a very specific audience (mixologists and bartending) all across the country. Creative targeting via paid advertising became an essential component of this campaign.

YouTube and a variety of employment-focused Facebook/Instagram targeting was selected as the main vehicle to reach this audience. The national advertising campaign included:

  • Creation and execution of a 3-month content publishing calendar for competition awareness

  • Coordination and execution of a 3-month paid digital campaign to reach the target audience

  • Selection of popular YouTube bartending channels for a lead-in advertisement of the competition video

  • A landing page website designed to submit entries at 44northvodka.com

  • Local Boise influencer marketing through This is Boise

  • Press releases sent to select news outlets nationwide

  • Email awareness campaigns to new and current subscriber lists

In total, the campaign targeting strategy was successful and numerous qualified video submissions were submitted from coast-to-coast.

Phase 3 | Hosting a 3-Day Finalist Competition

Once the application videos were in and the finalists were selected, it was time to shift gears.

Creating a mini-reality series has many moving pieces requiring detailed coordination and organization. Video crews needed to be ready to go at scheduled arrival times for interviews and reactions. The finalist weekend schedule needed to be managed, including competition times, contestant activities, multiple location setups and lighting, and full-scale competition-style cocktail competition rounds. Boost Media directed the weekend from top to toe.

Once the finalists landed in Boise, we got the show on the road! Immediately upon touchdown we began filming arrivals and spent the entire weekend hosting, directing, and recording.

The finalist weekend meant long days for our management staff to ensure everything ran smoothly for the contestants, clients, venues, and our staff.

  • Coordinated with location owners and vendors, ensuring all filming requirements and acknowledgments were met. This included location scouting, blocking, and staging.

  • Set design, both in-house and on location. This included studio settings, restaurants, nightclubs, and outdoor patios.

  • Curating each contestant’s finalist competition schedule

  • Designing and printing welcome packets for each contestant, with personalized schedules, as well as on-location branding and signage for the competition events

  • Filming coordination and direction, including finalist preparation and direction, shot list management, lighting, audio/visual management, crowd management, and interviews

Graphic created for 44° North ® Vodka by Boost Media
Graphic created for 44° North ® Vodka by Boost Media
Graphic created for 44° North ® Vodka by Boost Media
Graphic created for 44° North ® Vodka by Boost Media

Campfire Cocktails Set Design

Day two of the competition required the creation of a campsite in a studio environment where the finalist would create a “campfire cocktail” using ingredients traditionally found when on a camping trip.

A large-scale campsite was created in our subsidiary b Studio [link] in downtown Boise, Idaho. A 15-foot green screen was utilized to add a Idaho mountain scenery background in post production.

The set design included bringing the camping experience to the studio complete with bark, a rock ring campfire site, camping chairs, and foliage to match the environment.

  • picture of behind the scenes video production for 44° North ® Vodka by Boost Media
  • picture of behind the scenes video production for 44° North ® Vodka by Boost Media
  • picture of behind the scenes video production for 44° North ® Vodka by Boost Media
  • picture of behind the scenes video production for 44° North ® Vodka by Boost Media

Phase 4 | Releasing the Mini-series

With the competition complete, it was time to dig in and edit the footage. The story was split into seven episodes, each focusing on different pieces of the competition, eventually culminating in the big reveal episode in which the winner was chosen. Boost Media handled all of post production, from splicing and editing to audio synchronization and color grading.

While editing and post-processing was underway, awareness campaigns were crafted to build awareness and support each episode’s launch. Organic posts and stories designed to fuel engagement were scheduled ahead of new releases, while Facebook Premier and YouTube were utilized to launch each episode.

To wrap up the project, Boost Media provided a capstone analytics report detailing impressions, engagement, cost per click, etc.

But the ambassador campaign is only the beginning of this story… After the project’s completion, 44° North® Vodka approached Boost Media to handle the next chapter in the 44° North® Vodka Brand Ambassador story: building the social power and presence behind the Brand Ambassadorship.

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SALT by Pepper


SALT by Pepper


Business Startup Program ● Branding & Logo ● Brand Awareness ● Website Development

From Concept to Reality – A Full-Service New Business Launch

In winter of 2019, SALT by Pepper approached Boost Media for a full-scale small business launch through our Business Start Up Program, including branding, e-commerce website development, outdoor signage, clothing tags, indoor signage, and brand awareness. All this leading up to the grand opening of this high-end clothing store located in downtown Boise.

We built brand guides, designed physical and digital assets, developed a website, set up social media accounts, boosted awareness for the grand opening event, and expanded SALT’s reach and influence through education campaigns.

marketing graphic and website screenshot created by Boost Media for Salt By Pepper
marketing graphic created by Boost Media for Salt By Pepper
business cards created by Boost Media for Salt by Pepper
marketing graphic and website screenshot created by Boost Media for Salt By Pepper

Building the SALT by Pepper Brand

SALT’s branding needed to target a specific niche in the market.

Voice and style guidelines were shaped to present the image and aesthetic suitable for this fashionable business. Through vision alignment meetings and brainstorming, we worked to understand SALT’s meaning and vision as well as match the standards of this new brand (and SALT’s partner fashion brands) on a local and national level.

SALT aimed to be more than just a high-fashion e-commerce brand. The intent was to build a conscious community of sisterhood centered around high-fashion. SALT curates their lineup to cater to that community, and all pieces are chosen with longevity and sustainability in mind. Like natural salt, SALT by Pepper sought to be a foundation from which to live this powerful experience. It was imperative that we perfectly realize that philosophy in the branding.

Earthy, natural tones with stone textures were chosen to represent the natural and sustainability philosophies. “The wheel” symbol was selected to represent a sculpture located in-store. Finally, the sans serif typeface rounded out a modern and easily recognizable look. SALT’s aesthetic — the dark, powerful tones and colors, contrasted by white typeface and subdued, infinite circle — reflect the strong, earthy feel the client wanted in their branding image.

The final delivery of the branding package included a comprehensive brand guide with logo variations and marks, font packages, textures, and color palettes to ensure brand consistency into the future.

marketing graphic created by Boost Media for Salt By Pepper
marketing and brand graphic created by Boost Media for Salt By Pepper
marketing graphic and style/branding guide created by Boost Media for Salt By Pepper

Telling the Story Through a Stylish, User Friendly Website

Once branding was completed, it was time to use chosen elements to build out a digital presence that matched. Our mantra at Boost Media is always to “tell the story” of our clients and partners, and we had a vision for how to tell SALT’s story through their website.

Establishing an online presence that is user-friendly for both clients and customers is always a top priority. For SALT, we knew we wanted visitors to feel like they knew Pepper, the owner, and the intention was to create a personal connection to her and her story. We didn’t want this website to feel like a faceless corporate store, but instead an inviting experience where the viewer felt a familiarity with the brand, product, and people involved – similar to shopping in a physical retail environment. To accomplish this, we made Pepper and her story prominent on the website, putting a face to the brand.

User-friendliness is always a priority from the moment a viewer lands on the homepage – especially for an ecommerce website. Streamlined navigation that makes the shopping experience easy and encourages a purchase is essential. Artistic styling and branding, followed by function, delivered a brand-consistent experience that was both practical and appealing to interact with.

Each website we build at Boost Media also includes content curation, keyword research, search engine optimization, and backend development. This project also included a plug-in to access SALT’s point of sale software, which allowed for an easy adaptation to a mobile storefront in 2020.

Ultimately, SALT’s website provided an online storefront that felt just as inviting and modern as the brick-and-mortar location.

marketing graphic and website screenshot created by Boost Media for Salt By Pepper
marketing graphic and website screenshot created by Boost Media for Salt By Pepper
marketing graphic and website screenshot created by Boost Media for Salt By Pepper
marketing graphic and website screenshot created by Boost Media for Salt By Pepper

Full-Service Social Media Deployment

Digital marketing via social media is where the voice and style of a brand come directly in contact with a curious audience. Our initial interview to establish the brand, combined with competitor research of high-end fashion retailers, allowed us to establish an industry baseline and pinpoint where SALT could best make its mark.

From there, we deployed targeted brand awareness campaigns to introduce the company and tell its story prior to a Grand Opening event. We used beautiful imagery and intriguing teaser posts to appeal to a niche fashion-centric audience. This built community engagement and inaugurated SALT as a distinguished fashion boutique in Boise.

Local Boise social media fashion influencers were brought in to tour the store prior to opening and publish personal Instagram posts and stories to drive further awareness in the tight-knit Boise fashion community.

Grand Opening Event Campaign

Part of SALT’s digital marketing strategy was targeted advertising designed to build excitement around the their Grand Opening event. This comprehensive marketing campaign included an omni-channel, grand opening campaign; a full-scale, six-week-long, multi-platform social awareness campaign; and a paid advertising campaign targeting individuals that fit into identified interest groups to maximize advertising spend.

Press releases were drafted and delivered/ We registered SALT in the Downtown Boise Association’s First Thursday Event in order to drive additional awareness and engagement. The Grand Opening Event was accompanied by an article published on the local media platform This Is Boise, and published to over 90,000 social media followers.

marketing and social media graphic created by Boost Media for Salt By Pepper
marketing and social media graphic created by Boost Media for Salt By Pepper

Matching the Physical with the Digital

As part of Boost Media’s New Business Start Up Program, we include graphic design and print production packages needed for any new startup business. Our clients have access to a “one stop shop” for their outdoor/indoor signage, miscellaneous items like price tags or coupons, and anything else they may need. Our creative team handles the design and production process from start-to-finish to take some pressure off a new business owner.

As SALT’s Grand Opening event approached, we created the final physical materials, cultivating a uniform, branded appearance throughout the storefront. Some of these projects included:

Outdoor Street Signage

Based on SALT’s branding guidelines, we produced beautiful street signage that matched the building’s aesthetic. The signage required approval from Boise city, which our agency handled, submitting paperwork and managing the approval process.

 Branded Price Tags

Keeping on brand with SALT’s aesthetic, Boost’s creative team designed high-quality branded price tags with premium paper and a feel that spoke to the high-end nature of the storefront.

 Custom Newspaper Print Collateral

SALT wanted their seasonal fashion catalog to stand out in a crowded marketplace. The solution to this was a unique 4-page newspaper highlighting the new business and the seasonal fashion offerings.

 Custom Grand Opening Invitations

To make the SALT by Pepper Grand Opening event a night to remember, personalized premium Grand Opening event invitations were designed and produced.

marketing, social media, and print graphic created by Boost Media for Salt By Pepper
store sign and print graphic created by Boost Media for Salt By Pepper
clothes tag and print graphic created by Boost Media for Salt By Pepper
marketing, social media, and print graphic created by Boost Media for Salt By Pepper

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Greentree Counseling Solutions


Counseling Solutions


Brand Identity & Design • WordPress Website Design

Natural, relaxing design language

At Boost Media, we strongly believe in GreenTree Counseling Solutions’ gentle, supportive, and holistic approach to stress relief and mental health responses. When they came to Boost Media seeking branding guidance and a new website development project, we jumped at the chance to help. It’s a point of pride and pleasure for us to know our work on their website will help provide access to professional mental health care in our community. ⁣

Furever Posh




Branding • Graphic Design • Printing

Pampered Pets for Posh Appearance

Furever Posh, a locally owned company, provides upscale clothing to the furriest members of the Boise community – our pets. Furever Posh approached Boost Media for logo and brand design and custom print and signage to advertise their niche business.

Furever Posh Branding Logo
Furever Posh Brand Guide
Furever Posh Packaging Design
Furever Posh Business Card Design

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Bourbon Bash




Digital Marketing • Graphic Design • Social Media • Print Production • Photography • Video Production

Calling all Bourbon Enthusiasts

Boise’s Bourbon Bash is a dream for any whiskey lover. This annual event, hosted by Challenger Hospitality Group, is a massive celebration of bourbon spanning three full venues: Amsterdam Lounge, StrangeLove Nightclub, and Dirty Little Roddy’s Nightclub in downtown Boise. Boost Media provides creative graphic design, video production, photography, print production, and other digital assets, as well as deployment of digital marketing strategies, advertising, and social media awareness campaigns.
media created for Bourbon Bash in Boise Idaho

Bourbon Bash Promo (Video Production)

Creating a sleek, sexy product video is a critical tool in any creative media agency’s arsenal. Making this video was almost as much fun as attending the event.

Bourbon Bash offers attendees the chance to try some of the rarest whiskeys in the world. We decided that creating an elegant, exclusive aesthetic focused on these incredible whiskeys would be the focus of the video. We wanted viewers to see these glamorous shots of rare, expensive, hard to find whiskey bottles and get excited about the chance to try them.

Read about “How we did it”.

media created for Bourbon Bash in Boise Idaho
event cover for Bourbon Bash in Boise Idaho
social media post for Bourbon Bash in Boise Idaho
media created for Bourbon Bash in Boise Idaho
media created for Bourbon Bash in Boise Idaho
media created for Bourbon Bash in Boise Idaho

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Breakthrough Mining


Breakthrough Mining


Branding • Logo Creation • Graphic Design

Unleashing Peak Design

Breakthrough Mining is an international mining optimization company that helps metal and ore mines across the globe boost their efficiency. Breakthrough Mining came to Boost Media with one request: create a brand look that popped and didn’t look like other stale brands that currently exist in the mining space.

Our branding specialists used a bright, flashy orange and detailed topographic textures that speak to the mining industry in order to create a brand that stands out from the crowd.

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Make A Difference Energy


Make a Difference
Green Energy


WordPress Website Design • Branding

A New Look for New Energy

Make a Difference (MAD) is an emerging clean energy technology company whose goal is to remove the most offensive emission sources in existence and replace them with better, cleaner solutions.

MAD Energy was in need of a new website that better reflected its mission and looked more reputable. Green energy is close to our hearts here and we appreciated the opportunity to assist with a rebrand and design an updated WordPress website.

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Boise Building Company


Boise Building Company


Identity Rebranding • WordPress Website Design

Rebranding with an updated and modern look

Boise Building Company is a local firm dedicated to building quality homes in attractive, desirable communities located throughout Idaho’s Treasure Valley. Boise Building Co. approached Boost Media for re-branding services and a fresh new website with home listing integrations and a modern look.

Logo Redesign and Rebranding

Our creative team started with logo drafts and mock-ups, going through multiple rounds of revisions until we settled on the final branding package. The goal was to keep the original logomark, but update it. Outdated hashtags and slogan inclusions were removed for a cleaner, more modern look.

Boost Media’s standard branding guide includes all logo files in multiple formats for future use, a branded color palette, font files, and guidelines for logo use to ensure brand consistency into the future.

Once brand guidelines were established and the brand guide finalized, it was time to draft and mock up the website!


Wordpress Web Development & Redesign

With a brand guide outlining the color palette and fonts to be used, the look of the website is defined.

At this point, our web development team gets to work with the website wireframing and working with our client to write and edit informative website content, images, and any needed graphics, which are then optimized for search engine results. When the content is approved, a full mock-up of the website is created for approval and revisions.

This project for Boise Building Company also included a listing section that needed to be user-friendly for those with limited WordPress knowledge. To achieve these requirements we achieved the following:

• Installed a user-friendly WordPress website builder capable of easy editing with minimal training

• Outsourced custom-coding of a full-featured listing plugin to simplify the process of adding, removing, and updating home listings

• Provided a training session and instructional materials to the client and real estates representatives to ensure a smooth transition to the new website

Mockup created for Boise Building Company's website created by Boost Media

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This Is Boise Branding




Branding • Graphic Design

Everything Boise.

This Is Boise is well-known in the Boise-area and serves to promote the local business community, artists, creators, locally made products, and much more. We open conversations through blogs, posts, stories, and engaging advertising focused on this great city.

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