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Capture attention, drive traffic, build engagement, score meaningful lead conversions and cultivate long-term relationships with smart, relevant digital campaigns focused on the right audience.

Digital Marketing and Advertising

In a world of screens and short attention spans, marketing via social media, search engines, video, and other digital platforms is the way to be seen and deliver your message. We use engaging, meaningful content and integrated campaigns across multiple digital platforms to reach your optimal target audience.

Digital marketing and advertising cover a myriad of service offerings and platforms, such as social media management, paid advertising campaigns, lead generation, search engine advertising, and eCommerce marketing.

You provide your goals. We’ll create the strategy and implement it.

  • Social Media Management

  • Digital Advertising Campaigns

  • Paid Social Media Advertising

  • Lead Generation

  • Ad Optimization

  • Google Search Advertising

  • Reporting and Analytics

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Lead Generation

Lead generation attracts and converts potential who indicate interest in your company’s product or service.

Boost Media creates engaging landing pages that capture and track warm leads. This can be achieved using contact forms within various social media platforms or the creation of an informative landing page that syncs with a paid advertising campaign to drive strangers and new clients to your business.

All captured information is stored in a shared spreadsheet and emailed to you via automation, resulting in immediate notification of new leads for sales contact and also adding new customers to your future marketing email lists.

“They revamped everything from our website, to social media, to photography to our marketing campaign. They are easy to work with, their printing is fantastic, and they make all our deadlines. They really care about our success! I highly recommend!”

– Bobbi Bullock, Owner | BB Medical Esthetics

Paid Digital Advertising Campaigns

Get the most out of your advertising budget. Reduce costs while increasing visibility.

Social media platforms will have you believe that it’s as easy as spending a few dollars here and there (often with the “promote” or “boost” button) to reach your audience – this results in poorly delivered ads, targeting the wrong audience, that simply waste your budget. We understand the nuances of audience targeting, optimized ad budgets, and A/B testing to ensure your advertisements are not only delivering but reaching the correct audience.

We Love Numbers.

We live and breathe the numbers. All campaigns are monitored daily and adjusted as necessary. Analytics and performance reporting are available at any time, with a full campaign performance breakdown delivered at the end of the campaign.

Content Creation and Copywriting

Do you have goals and messages you’re trying to get out into the world, but you’re unsure of how to convey them through social media or your website? That’s where we come in.

Our dedicated team of wordsmiths creates the optimal content for any need, whether that attention-grabbing social media wording or search engine optimized, high-word count website content.

Google Search Advertising

As verified Google Advertising Partner, we have received training and certification from Google certifying our agency has expert-level knowledge of the Google platform and ecosystem.

Advertising through Google provides our clients a few significant advantages:

Outrank Your Competitors On The World’s Largest Search Engine

If your audience can’t find your website, they’re not going to be your customer. Google search accounts for 92.05% of worldwide searches, making it the optimal platform for business.

Google Ads Are Faster Than SEO

While having a long-term search engine optimization plan is extremely important, Google Ads can put your company on page 1 of Google search results immediately.

Ads are delivered to customers looking for your product or service

Instead of possibly wasting your ad budget on advertisements to people who may not be interested in your product or service, with Google Search Advertising you gain the benefit of knowing the person an ad was delivered to just searched for your specific product or service on Google.

Analytics and Reporting

We often hear from new clients about the negative experiences they’ve had accessing analytics and campaign performance with other agencies and marketing companies.

Our philosophy is simple, if we’re doing our job why wouldn’t we want to brag about it?

Transparency is extremely important to our team and a value we take seriously. It’s another way we put ourselves in our client’s shoes. Your pennies are our pennies and we don’t want to waste them either.

We monitor performance and ad spends regularly, adjusting campaigns when needed, to achieve the best performance possible. Don’t want to wait for the end of the campaign to see the analytics? Not a problem. Ask anytime.

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