You have a question. Where do you go for an answer? That’s right – a search engine. What search engine will you use? What keywords go into your search? How many pages do you scroll before clicking a link? The answers to these questions are why search rankings are vital to any business. We all use search engines, which means ranking high in search results is critical for any business, regardless of the category or niche you operate in.

Here are four reasons why elevating your search rank is important for driving visibility and engagement for your business.

1. Ranking Provides Visibility

While word-of-mouth is still a critical component of lead generation recognition, it’s no longer the most common way potential customers or clients find providers. When consumers have a need, they turn to a search engine. So, with popularity close to eighty-seven percent of the search engine market, Google’s search rankings can make or break a business.

As a business, ranking on the first page of Google is always the goal, but getting there requires experience, technical acumen, testing, and a significant amount of time. Google registry, keyword optimization, domain authority, backlinks, advertising, social media presence, engagement, publication activity, and so much more all affect Search Engine Optimization and your search ranking.

Like most things in life, Google ranking is a game. Investing in your Google search rank will bring you up the ladder, page by page. The higher you rise, the more likely those searching for your services will find you. Neglect your ranking, you’ll fall in pages, becoming invisible except under niche search results. This opens the door for potential customers to search, scroll a page – maybe two – and choose a competitor instead.

2. Ranking Builds Reputation & Credibility

A first-page rank makes your business look professional and reliable. Your search rank indicates that others have trusted your business, which is one reason almost seventy-five percent of searchers don’t go beyond the first page.

Close to fifty-three percent of consumers in the US rely on search engine results before considering whether or not to buy a product or service, and twenty-eight percent of all local searches lead to a purchase. If your business caters to the local market, that’s just another compelling reason to invest in your search rank for that vertical.

Reputation is something earned and so is your Google search rank. Enthusiastic customers leaving positive reviews, high click rates through smart advertising and marketing, and excellent SEO all indicate a level of professional excellence that elevates your digital reputation, and, therefore, your search rank.

3. Ranking Brings Business Authority

Google has spent years claiming its search algorithms emphasize authority and keyword matching, in conjunction with popularity, for establishing rank across their search engine. This establishes trust from users that the first page of a Google search will likely be the most authoritative and respected results available.

When customers find a business’s page through organic search, they are far more likely to spend more time on that site. Searchers on average are believed to spend around three minutes and ten seconds on websites they find through search. This is because they believe the top results to be authoritative and trustworthy.

By optimizing your site with correct formatting, choosing and using the right short and long-tail keywords, reducing load times, and consistently posting relevant content across your website and cohesively networked platforms, you will begin to rank higher and build domain authority in your category.

4. Ranking Drives Traffic and Engagement

There’s a reason why half of all marketers believe SEO is the most effective of all digital marketing strategies. We know searchers overwhelmingly click at least one result from the first page on Google. The top five results together get around 67.6 percent of all clicks.

A click indicates interest – these users are looking for solutions to their problems and answers to their questions. If you can get them to click once, they’ll likely click again as they engage with your landing page, website, or social media. When you rank on the first page of Google, you’ll be engaging with qualified visitors who are looking for solutions. Solutions you provide. Rank directly correlates to leads.


The online marketplace is a loud and confusing bazaar where anyone and everyone is doing everything they can to be recognized and heard. With any advertising and marketing strategy, what matters today is your online visibility, reputation, reliability, and trustworthiness. That might seem like a disparate set of metrics to cover, but it’s not.

At Boost Media, we elevate your page rank through proper website optimization and maintenance, social media management, advertising, and content management. Each one of these factors work together to help you climb the search rank ladder and establishes a foundation upon which to generate leads and build engagement for your business.

Connect with Boost Media and let us show you the amazing heights you can reach when you invest in expert marketing!

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