The digital marketing industry is constantly evolving, and while some trends are likely here for the long haul, staying on top of an ever-evolving marketing landscape is critical to reaching and engaging with audiences.

Let’s take a look at 4 digital marketing trends that you need to be paying attention to in 2022.

Influencers are still popular in almost every niche/verticle

For quite some time, influencer marketing has been a popular tactic to build brand awareness and boost social media engagement. In fact, we know this firsthand through our own influencer account, This Is Boise. TIB is a Boise based social media influencer account and website focusing on local activities, events, and businesses, and the growth and power behind an active influencer account cannot be understated.

Reports from Influencer Marketing Hub show that the Influencer Marketing Industry is set to grow to approximately $16.4 Billion in 2022. That’s $3.4 Billion more than in 2021, and thanks to new types of content and ways to engage with followers, influencers are becoming more and more powerful. We’ve seen this firsthand through This Is Boise with increased engagement and a massive spike in offers for collaborations with local businesses.

The popularity of influencer marketing is growing so extensively that nearly every vertical you can think of has influencers operating in that space. That growth is motivated not just by buyers, but also investors, with the same report from Influencer Marketing Hub showing more than 75% of brand marketers are planning to dedicate a budget for influencer marketing in 2022.

Mainstream, popular niches now include:

  • Travel and lifestyle
  • Health and fitness
  • Gaming
  • Sports
  • Family, parenting, and home
  • Tech
  • Photography, Video, and the Arts

Search Intent is critical to crafting effective SEO

Knowing what searchers are looking for is the key to building an effective SEO strategy. Why? Because 99% of all search terms fall under specific intent categories:

  • Informational: A searcher looking for an answer to a specific question or general information
  • Navigational: A searcher looking for a specific site or page
  • Commercial: A searcher investigating a brand or service
  • Transactional: A searcher intending to complete a transaction or question

Understanding the intent behind certain search queries can help brands create relevant, valuable content that aligns with a chosen keyword.

Omnichannel marketing is critical for awareness and conversion

71% of in-store shoppers who use their smartphones to research brands say their device has become more and more essential to their experience in-store. This underscores today’s customer’s tendency to use multiple channels throughout their shopping journey. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, customers that do so bring more value to retailers, spending 9% more in-store than customers who use a single channel.

Video is bigger than ever, with no signs of slowing down

The pandemic has accelerated the growth of a well-established digital marketing trend: video. With so many people at home during the pandemic, video helped create powerful connections between family, friends, and most importantly to our line of work: buyers and sellers.

This, coupled with the rise of TikTok and short-form videos, allowed consumers to realize the true power of video. For example, in a December 2020 study, almost 90% of consumers said that they wanted to see more videos from brands in 2021.

It’s important to note that with an increase in demand also comes a flood of competing content. With dozens of video platforms vying for center stage, it can be easy to get lost in the noise. Luckily, standing out is simple: hire experts like Boost who have the gear and knowledge behind the cameras and in post-production to elevate your video above the DIY phone content scene.

At Boost, we have our own dedicated photography and videography studio, b Studio, which has allows to meet the massive spike in client demand for video production. This dedicated space provides incredible versatility in fulfilling our client’s needs – everything from elegant product videos to documentary style interviews can be done in-house, with all the control, gear, and technology that high-quality, professional video content requires.

Power Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy by Taking Advantage of These Trends in 2022

With advancements in technology and changing customer needs, digital marketers must be able to pivot and stay agile. Recognizing trends and implementing them into real-time marketing strategies keeps content fresh and audiences engaged.

By working with Boost Media, you get a whole team of marketers, developers, videographers, and design experts who know these trends and follow the pulse of the market. Let’s talk about how we can level up your marketing game!

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