Eye-catching Photography To Tell Your Story

We capture those perfect moments that distinguish your products, tell your story, and depict you in your best light.


Marketing and Advertising Collateral

Let’s get real. Digital marketing, particularly social media, is 40% what you offer and 60% how you look offering it.

This shift to visual media has made it extremely important to not only have the best products or services, but to gain the attention of your audience in an engaging fashion.

We support our clients with comprehensive photography packages that make your brand pop off the screen or page.

Have other ideas? We’re here for you. We love to get creative and turn your vision into reality!

  • Social Media Photography

  • Product or Catalog Photography

  • Lifestyle Photography

  • Business Photography

  • Self-Service Template Creation

  • Headshots

Content Photography

Are you looking to improve your social media marketing? Engagement is king in social media marketing. If your content isn’t engaging to your audience there is a good chance it won’t be seen at all.

Our creative team will draw up a plan to create a variety of engaging images for your digital marketing channels and handle the shoot from start to finish, including all camera equipment, lighting, and post-production editing.

Let’s level up your content.

Behind the scenes image of Boost Photography
picture of Boost Media team working on product and food photography

Product Photography

You could have the most incredible product in the world, but if the images representing it are blurry, poorly exposed, amateur, or worse – boring! then the viewer may not give you a second look or worse, go to a competitor.

If you want your products and services to catch the viewer’s attention or your story to feel authentic, then lifestyle, service, or product imagery that tells that story is a must.

We recognize a presentation that makes the viewer exclaim “I want that!” is everything.


As an added benefit to our clients and partners, we also provide and maintain a photography and videography studio called bStudio. This in-house agency studio is professionally equipped with various backdrops, natural brick, a 12 ft x 12 ft seamless cyclorama wall, and the largest studio green screen in downtown Boise.

The possibilities are nearly endless here. Our studio is also available for public and business rental if you have your own photographer or videographer.

Learn more about bStudio in downtown Boise at the link below.

Picture taken at bStudio (b studio) ran by Boost Media

View Our Work.

picture of Blitz BSU Tee Dog taken by Boost Media
Picture of a food/product shot for Crave Delivery taken by Boost Media
Picture taken in B Studio by Boost Media

Distribution & Campaigns

So you have your photos , but you’re not sure how to share them effectively. Check out our Digital Marketing and Advertising page to learn more about how we can help ensure you get the most out of your photo assets! Why do all the work for a great photo set without knowing it will be seen?

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